• 8310-C-BNC frame has fixed 100-BNC
   rear panel
• 8310-C has modular I/O panels for
   connector flexibility
• Two independent looping reference
   inputs feed all module slots
• Robust 150 watt power supply with
   integral cooling fan
• Optional redundant power supply is
   hot-swappable for 24/7 operation
• Power switch/supplies accessible from
   the front of the frame
• Separate power cords to each supply
   for power feed redundancy

• Power lock cord retainer guards against
   accidental power loss
• Fan fail and error indicator LEDs on front
   of the frame
• Optional Ethernet based frame controller
   (MFC-8310-N) for remote setup, monito
   ring, and control
• Heavy duty hinged front door panel lowers
   to allow easy card insertion
• The frame and electronics have a five year
   warranty; fans and power supplies have
   a one year warranty
• SNMP option
• Remote Control/monitoring via DashBoard™
   software or OGCP-9000 remote control

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